RadioPeer HAM (Beta)


Connect and command you radio over the internet with this Python script. For the peer phisically connected to the radio the script is actually compatible with the RaspBerryPi (GPIO) (Pure serial interface still needs to be developed). Compatibility: Linux.

This is a simple, straight forward alternative to control your radio PTT over the internet. Despite the existence of some programs for this purpose (e.g. Echolink), the present script offers some characteristics that can be of interest in some cases. Among the main characteristics:

  • Direct P2P (peer-to-peer) connection without the need of intermediate servers.
  • No need to control over squelch signal or voice activation (The program always sends the audio that’s received on the audio input line)
  • Audio lag monitor
  • Capacity to be configured over a gateway, script included (workaround to firewall restrictions etc)

Click in the link below to know more, access the software archives and for installation instructions.

TM731 connected with radiopeer-ham

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